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!! NEW !! Fluke 700013 MK5 Clone HC700013 HC700013 HC700013 The Fluke 700013 custom quad-analog switch is unobtanium! We have developed a nearly identical PCB based replacement device that fits into the footprint of any 700013 on 8840A, 8840AF & 8842A multimeter motherboards.

The HC700013P clone includes 1 - machined 20-pin socket for the motherboard.

Fluke 700013 MK5 Clone Assembled
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!! NEW !! Fluke 700013 MK5 Clone Kit HC700013P HC700013P We are offering the device in both a kit form and a fully assembled and tested device. We recommend the kit only for those with experience in assembling 0602 size surface mounted devices and high density SOIC packages.

In addition to the components in the photo there are 3-0.1uF and 1-10uF 0603 capacitors.

Fluke 700013 MK5 Clone Kit
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!! NEW !! Fluke 700013 MK4 Clone HC700013 HC700013 The MK4 clone is a development device identicle to the MK5 but in a verticle mount. This device will fit in all positions U301-303 & U402-403 w/o AC converter, though we have not yet tested any devices in U402-403 yet. If you install the AC converter, the MK4 unit will NOT FIT in postition U302 & U303.

The HC700013P-MK4 clone also includes 1 - machined 20-pin socket for the motherboard.

Fluke 700013 MK4 Clone Assembled
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