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Bed Tiedowns w/o Bolts (3)
Bed Tiedowns w/OEM Bolts (3)
Bed Tiedowns w/OEM Bolts & TORX Bit(3)
OEM Pair of Bolts Only(1)

Tacoma & Tundra Bed Products

Tacoma 5min Painless NoDrill
Gal V-Ring
HD V-Ring
Tie Down Kit w/o Bolts
TA64006 TA64007 TA64008 TA64011 Straps NOW With Optional Colored 12" Double-Loop Anchoring Straps! (ONE PAIR)

This listing is for a pair of D-Ring or V-Ring or Galvanized Steel V-Ring or Blk Heavy-Duty V-Ring Tie-Downs for your Tacoma. We make it a painless, no drilling installation! We supply plated and/or painted steel 2" D-Rings/V-Rings with ~800-1000# Working/~3500-4000# breaking strength welded rings. No rattle bushings added to reduce noise!

These fit all Tacoma beds from 2005 to 2023 and some Tundra!
  • 2 Cadmium Plated D-Rings or
  • 2 Black Painted V-Rings or
  • 2 Bright Gal V-Rings or
  • 2 Black Painted HD Steel V-Rings

  • Optional Strap Pair
    black, blue, yellow, orange/red

  • Quick Assembly

  • TA64006/7/8/10/11 Install
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